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It seemed a small step from that to actually sliding his mouth over Warrick’s length and slowly, cautiously, allowing his mouth to somehow fit around the head of the man’s cock without allowing teeth to meet up with sensitive flesh. That was harder than it first appeared, feeling like one of the electronic fairground games that was won by moving a metal ring around a wire course without hitting the sides. Warrick was large, and Warrick wasn’t exactly staying still even when he was .. .well, staying still. He was vibrating enough that Nick would have been happy to accept that Greg had attached an electric charge to the poor man’s nipples and cranked up the voltage, and even his hand on Warrick’s thigh wasn’t really doing much good.

Nick suckled on the mouthful he had, and was rewarded by another growled ‘ngh!’ noise and a jerk of the hips. He smirked to himself, and then continued; his cheeks hollowed as he tried to give as much as he possibly could, then slowly began to inch his mouth further along the hardened length.

That went less well. It didn’t take long before Nick felt he was suffocating, the cock hitting the back of his mouth so damned solidly that he almost gagged. Withdrawing slightly, Nick went back for the attack; he started to kiss and suck and lick at the shaft aggressively, every so often moving back to suckle on the head of Warrick’s cock like it was a particularly stubborn lollypop, swallowing down as much as he could before he had to go back to his licking and sucking and sensation routine once again. He knew his expression was a little focused, but hell, it was worth doing right, and it was worth it just to hear those wonderfully purred noises of pleasure from Warrick’s bound body as he did it. Nick’s hand crept between Warrick’s legs to caress his balls as he suckled again, finding a comfortable kneeling position on the bed as he worked.

And then suddenly Warrick almost suffered a really painful injury as Nick yelped, his eyes startled wide as he immediately jerked upward from the cold wetness suddenly and expertly applied between his spread ass cheeks. Nick stared over his shoulder incredulously, but there was only one person it could have been, and sure enough, Griss’ soft blue gaze met his without a flicker of alarm for Nick’s reaction. Gil’s mouth flickered upwards in amusement.

“Probably one of the first rules of performing a blow job. Don’t bite off your partner’s penis,” he advised gently.

Nick was too out of breath to reply, which was probably just as well considering the main sentence that was burning to emerge had more curses in it than the average Wicked Witch of the West’s manual. He yelped again as Gil’s fingers smoothed on a little more lubricant, almost ending up on Warrick’s lap instinctively before forcing himself still. He knew he was probably giving a wide eyed ‘Bambi’ look back, but fuck, it was .. well, it was ..

Gil merely raised an eyebrow, then managed to make that eyebrow suggest that perhaps Nick would be better occupied getting on with his task rather than peer at his master. Still panting, aching, trembling for so many reasons, Nick swallowed and gave a little nod at Grissom before slowly turning back to Warrick. He lowered his chest back to the mattress as he began to lick and suck at the base of Warrick’s cock again, not daring to put his mouth over him for fear of accidentally biting him. Who knew what Grissom was doing back there? Even Gil didn’t know himself, half the time. And then that just meant-

“Fuck!!” Nick’s hips thrust helplessly against the mattress as he breathed out the word against Warrick’s engorged flesh, feeling Gil’s fingers slide over the entrance to his most innermost and up until this point, mostly private areas. And then they were not so much sliding around as sliding in, and Nick’s mouth stopped dead on Warrick’s penis mid-lick.

“Breathe, Nicky,” Gil murmured, and was rewarded by a shuddering, shaking breath outward. Nick’s hands curled automatically, although this resulted in Warrick shifting uncomfortably as well. It was only after Nick looked at him in confusion, then looked down at where his hand was still resting that he realised he had just curled his nails into Warrick’s inner thigh.

“Oh, shit! Sorry!” he hastily moved his hand, adjusting his balance to fit. Warrick gave him a little wink of forgiveness, then groaned softly again as Greg tugged once more on the chain between his nipples. Nick licked his lips, trying to relax a little more as the tip of Gil’s finger started to worm its way deeper. He lowered his head and began to pant softly, forcing himself to recover enough to allow him to continue pleasuring Warrick and yet failing badly. He lifted his eyes to Greg beseechingly but was met by a look of pure fascination the other way that only a fucking scientist could do. No help there. Nick closed his eyes and groaned softly, his balls still a throbbing area of pleasurable misery and his cock so hard that it felt ready to break off and his ass.. well, his ass was currently Gil’s Site of Special Scientific Interest, and Nick knew damned well how expressive his own eyes were. Yeah, both Greg and Warrick would be watching every flicker that Nick made, and he couldn’t even blame them for doing so. He would have done it himself.

He was startled on how swiftly the finger had gone from violently terrible invader to snugly comfortable. Other than the immediate startled reaction, his body had taken to the concept of something going in suspiciously well, merely adding to the heat between his legs rather than acting like a cold shower. His muscles had grudgingly eased to allow Gil’s finger access, and Grissom had been more than happy to exploit this; by the end of the minute, Nick could feel Gil’s finger deep inside him, twitching every so often as though to remind him that it was still part of a living, organic thing. Nick moaned softly as the finger seemed to stroke against areas that until that point hadn’t really been on his map as a possible stroking zone, and it wasn’t so much that sensation but it was what it was doing to the rest of his body that really mattered.

Nick bowed his head and slowly began to lick the base of Warrick’s cock again, rewarded by a soft grunt of pleasure from the man in question and feeling a little less exposed. His own abilities had been reduced to someone suffering from a severe concussion, his tongue still working but now a little too aimlessly as Gil’s finger slowly began to move in and out of him, little finger fucks that sent a rush of burning shame to Nick’s face and a rush of throbbing desire to join up with the solid delight in his groin. Gil’s other hand crept between Nick’s spread thighs to skilfully caress his balls, his fingers tender and yet homing in on every single sensitive spot in reach.

God, this wasn’t fair…

Nick whimper-whined as another finger added to the first, a soft plea that begged for even the tiniest slice of mercy. Again, it fell on deaf ears. Gil merely slowed down his movements before twisting his fingers, sending a bolt of pleasure that tingled through Nick’s lower body with annoying, agonising persistence.

And then, suddenly, Gil’s fingers were conspicuous by their absence. Nick’s tongue paused again, spreading the frustration to Warrick. He turned his head to watch Gil move purposefully away, and then sighed inwardly and slipped his mouth back over Warrick’s weeping cock once again. Warrick growled, a fierce little noise of desperation as he struggled not to buck his hips deeper into Nick’s mouth. Nick stepped up the attack, trying to give his friend and lover everything he possibly could as his hand copied Gil’s stroking. Not the penetration, of course, Nick doubted whether he would ever dare try that unless there was a written invitation that was witnessed by at least two individuals. Touching Greg was one thing; touching Warrick was like trying to pet a tiger.

Warrick’s soft noises of pleasure and desire and demand grew louder as Nick’s mouth suddenly had to stop once more with the return of Gil’s hand resting on the rise of his ass. Panting, already trembling with anticipation, Nick slowly withdrew from his mouthful and waited.

Something solid and smooth and slick pressed against his opening. Definitely not fingers, but definitely not the aspect of Gil’s body he had been nervously anticipating either; Nick tried to glance backwards, but he immediately stopped that as Gil’s hand gave him a firm slap to the hip in retaliation. A muttered curse later and that slap had increased to a harder one that sent a welcome tingle through his muscle as Nick dipped his head and bit his lip.

The item was smooth and about the size of Gil’s two fingers, but the shape was peculiar; Nick lowered his head further until his forehead was resting on the warmth of Warrick’s thigh as he struggled to remain still while the extremely bumpy item was slowly eased into his body. The solid presence rubbed against Nick’s inner parts, sending another dart of sensation through him with enough intensity that Nick gasped aloud.

Groaning, giving up on silence, he waited until Gil had finished positioning the toy – which apparently needed some serious exact positioning, the external parts pressing against Nick’s skin with the suspiciously persistent way that suggested they were planning to do something – before warily shifting his hips experimentally. And that, apparently, was a bad idea. Nick almost howled in shock, his eyes wide as he was ambushed by an intense feeling that he wasn’t the hell sure on how he was supposed to handle.

“A prostate massager,” Gil spoke up mildly from behind him, using the same damned voice he always used whenever he was simply passing out bits of information on the field. “Every time you move or clench your internal muscles, you’ll be stimulated,”

“… great….,” Nick’s voice wasn’t so much a gasp as a whimper that had vocabulary aspirations. Warrick chuckled throatily, his eyes shining with amusement up until the point where Nick put his fingers on Warrick’s inner thigh and twisted, in much the same retaliatory way that Nick had done in his childhood against his older brother.

“Fuck, man!!” Warrick yelped, pulling against the headboard and forcing Greg backwards for fear of sudden collision. Gil merely took hold of the toy and moved it again, this time in and out and causing Nick’s cock to weep so hard that it was almost inconsolable.

“Behave,” Gil reminded them. “Otherwise you’ll be spending the rest of the evening in separate corners.”

Panting, Nick raised his eyes to meet Warrick’s suspiciously, suddenly recognising Warrick’s usual street-smart expression that was always used on him whenever they were running a neck-and-neck type of bet. Nick chuckled, then bent his head and kissed the spot of skin he had twisted, feeling Warrick arch into his touch in acceptance of the apology.

“Sir?” Greg’s eyes were bright and shining, eagerly shifting position. Gil made an amused noise as he strolled around the bed; Greg sat back on his haunches as he waited, his body squirming eagerly as Gil’s hand brushed over his shoulder and then down to the slim waist. Greg’s head lifted and his breath formed into an ‘oh!’ of sensation as Gil brushed his mouth over Greg’s neck like a vampire testing out where to bite. The ‘oh!’ got much louder as the hand drifted lower, brushing over the tight curls for a moment before it curled around Greg’s hardened length and began to stroke leisurely.

It was agonising to watch, so close and yet far away enough that Nick could comfortably see everything that happened, the scent of Warrick’s raw need surrounding him as he did so. Gil’s expression was pure Grissom, the amused, fascinated, focused look of curiosity as he watched Greg’s eyes flutter closed and his mouth open in a soft gasp of pleasure. It was impressive Greg was still on the bed, his body trembling and squirming so much that Nick suspected it was like hugging a greased weasel, but the majority of Greg’s movements seemed to be backwards in order to press his hot body against Gil’s still partly clothed one.

Gil’s hand was slow, steady and perfectly controlled as he stroked and caressed his youngest boy. Greg was shuddering against him, his back leaning against Gil’s form as he nuzzled against Gil’s gentle kisses to his neck. It was both beautiful and so decoratively dominant without anything scary involved at all, simply Grissom’s personality and his full, undivided attention as he played with Greg’s body with all the intensity of a talented musician with an elaborate and expensive instrument. The soft, pleading whimpers grew louder, as did the other physical aspects of his responses; Greg had such a dazed look on his face that Nick doubted he could attract the other man’s attention even if he had a sudden and inexplicable need to slap him around the face.

Nick licked his lips and moved slightly, hissing softly as the toy brushed against a hitherto unknown part of him that sent sensations shooting through his body. Whatever he did, whatever happened, the intensity was simply creeping upwards like a boiler ready to explode, and the pleasure was rapidly getting to the frustrating point where he wasn’t quite sure whether it was pleasure or pain. He took Warrick’s length deep into his mouth again, desperately trying not to flex his internal muscles as he did so but it was impossible not to, his need fuelling his speed as Nick suckled Warrick as hard as he dared.

The toy .. fuck, he wasn’t going to call it a toy, toys were there for playing with and shit, this felt like a torture that just happened to be sneaky enough to go through the erotic channels rather than simply beat the crap out of him. The item was planning to be the bane of his life. Whatever he did, wherever he moved to, Nick’s mind couldn’t stop being conscious of what lurked in his back passage and that had all manner of wrong involved in it. You really had to be able to make a cup of tea without immediately thinking of someone taking their hardened, aching penis and positioning it carefully and then-

Warrick groaned weakly, his head tipping back as Nick’s mouth found whole new depths to plunder. There was a little chink as his wrists tugged at the headboard fruitlessly, then Warrick growled again in the desperate way that Nick was pretty confident translated into ‘don’t you dare fucking stop otherwise I’m going to kill you’. He could feel the other man buck against his mouth, the tension outlined in Warrick’s muscles that was so hard and corded that the man was one step away from snapping something vital. Nick grinned, and began to use his hand to stroke with his mouth’s movement, eagerly following Warrick’s pleasure with the dedication of someone who was planning to gain his own release through others.

It didn’t take long. Warrick had been teased and tormented enough that Nick just had to step up the pace just a little more before the other man groaned, his back arching as his whole body seemed to turn solid.

“Nicky, move-,”

The gasped out instruction was distantly heard but its message wasn’t really appreciated until Nick’s dazed mind reminded him; even so, he was suddenly embraced with a mouthful of Warrick’s seed, Nick swallowing instinctively to avoid coughing, and suddenly discovering that the salty taste had a next intensive step too. Withdrawing awkwardly and conscious of a stream of Warrick’s pearly fluid trickling from the corner of his mouth down to his chin, Nick slowly and gingerly sat back down on his haunches as he licked his bottom lip and watched Warrick recover. He chuckled softly, his eyes softening as he watched the gradual relaxation of the bound man into the results of his climax.

“Is sir satisfied?” Nick murmured, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he surveyed him in smug amusement. Warrick cracked open an eye before huffing a laugh and indicating with a movement of the head that Nick should get himself closer. Scooting forward, Nick pressed forward to give him a hard, passionate and probably extremely messy kiss, their tongues warring for a moment as Warrick relaxed into the embrace.

Which was more than Nick was planning to do, of course. His body was still screaming at him, hand in two minds whether to stay obedient or whether to simply reach down and bring himself to a swift conclusion before his groin exploded. He straddled Warrick’s legs as he leaned forward to steal another kiss, then again and again, demanding and desperate and squirming for anything that Warrick could give him. Nick’s cock ground against the solid muscle of Warrick’s stomach urgently as the toy moved deeper inside him, sending bursts of pleasure scattering through his already strained nerves. God, this wasn’t fair…!

There was the softest noise behind him, a throat clearing, but Nick ignored that. He dipped his head to bite and suckle at Warrick’s neck, running the palms of his hands over his friend’s slick chest and gently over the abused nipples as Nick continued to pay Warrick as much attention as he possibly could without actually devouring him. Warrick chuckled again, lifting his head slightly to allow Nick access, before the man inexplicably began to tense once again. Confused, Nick paused, pulling back to look at him in query in case he had managed to press against a sensitive spot that just couldn’t handle it. He was greeted by soft green eyes that glanced toward a space to Nick’s side and then back again pointedly, in a manner that was more befitting Lassie than the confident CSI that Warrick normally resembled.

Of course there was another confident CSI in the room, one that Nick had completely overlooked in his haste to find his completion. And that was an awkward thought indeed; sure, they hadn’t really stuck to much of the usual ‘owner/master’ thing that they should have been doing, but they were all still getting comfortable with each other and …well, perhaps sitting on another man without permission was probably .. well… possibly… bad?

One wary glance to the side told him that the ‘bad’ assessment had been correct. Gil’s hand hadn’t stopped stroking Greg, the youngster still a dazed, lustful kid lost in his own sensations, but Grissom’s blue eyes had taken a cooler shade as he met Nick’s gaze head on. Ah, shit. The flush immediately crept to his cheeks as Nick slid off Warrick’s lap and curled next to him as innocently as he could, nuzzling Warrick’s chest with his cheek and feeling Warrick press a little encouraging kiss to his head as he did so. However, Warrick’s forgiveness wasn’t exactly the one he was going for. Nick kept his eyes down, feeling his heart-rate pick up as he felt the strength of Grissom’s eyes on him and tried to forget how easily Gil seemed to find inspiration for the appropriate chastisement.

Shit again. In fact, triple shit. So much shit that he could probably start up a manure factory and fertilize the entirety of Texas. Nick licked his lips and glanced up, deliberately trying to do what Catherine called his ‘puppy dog’ expression that had so often got him a good natured sigh rather than a telling off, but it was a little too obvious that Gil seriously wasn’t falling for it. In fact, his eyes grew narrower, as though he was happily reading Nick’s mind and finding it particularly unsuitable, and that was almost certainly a bad thing.

But still.. everyone else was getting touched and licked and orgasms, and he was still left with an erection that was agonisingly hard against his stomach and a toy stuck so far up his nether regions that he was surprised he couldn’t taste it in his throat. Nick nuzzled against Warrick’s chest again, partly because he could and partly because it gave him an excuse not to look at Gil’s intensive gaze that could have withered flowers if they were foolish enough to get in the way. And all of this without halting his attention on Greg, the young man still hot and needy as he squirmed against his older lover urgently. Yeah, Nick had a suspicion that Greg would know exactly how frustrated he was, although at least he could see the light at the end of the erotically charged tunnel.

Of course listening to him wasn’t helping Nick’s sense of patience either. Greg had moved on from the shaky gasps of the merely stimulated to the breathy, desperate whimpers of one who wasn’t sure whether he was sitting on needles, the man trying to encourage Gil’s hand faster without actually verbally demanding it from him. Greg’s skin was damp with sweat, his lean form wriggling as he gasped and moaned and fought the need to thrust his hips into Gil’s still working hand that was still agonisingly slow. Grissom dropped his head and began to press light kisses to Greg’s neck again, causing the younger man to develop a dopey, pleased, half drunk grin to form as he shivered against Gil’s touch. Apparently the light kisses were enough to shove Greg over the edge of his personal cliff; a few moments longer and he stiffened, his mouth opening in a silent plea as his climax relentlessly tore through his body. Nick watched him wistfully. Lucky guy.

“Good boy,” Grissom murmured into the dazed man’s ear, pressing another kiss to Greg’s neck and pulling him closer as his young partner rode out the tremors. A sleepy grin aimed back at him, Greg nuzzling up to Grissom in a way that would have been slapped down any other time and yet resulted in an affectionate look in Gil’s eyes as he accepted Greg’s affection fondly.

All the cuteness hadn’t affected Gil’s ability to switch his emotions as he wished it, however. Nick shivered as a cooler, thoughtful gaze turned to him, his expression as apologetic as he could make it without actually crafting signs. The silence was excruciating to bear, a heavy silence of accusation that seemed to say so much without Gil saying anything at all. Not that he was ‘Gil’ at this point in time, oh no, it was all ‘Master Grissom’ and suddenly there was no question that Nick couldn’t do any of it. He would gladly lick the floor if it got the damned silence to stop-

“Don’t do that again,” Grissom finally spoke, his voice clear and unhurried as he delivered his verdict. Nick ducked his head again in a little nod, not entirely sure what ‘that’ translated into, but equally not wanting to clarify at that exact moment if it meant that forgiveness had been obtained. Of course Gil hadn’t quite finished.

“Nicky, move away from Warrick and sit at the end of the bed.”

Nick hadn’t realised how painful that particular order would be until he received it. He gave Warrick a last, longing look, resisting the urge to press another kiss against his neck before he slid grudgingly down the bed. Grissom gently guided the still pleasantly dazed Greg onto the mattress, leaning forward to whisper in his ear. Greg smiled a lazy smile that looked as though it belonged on a sleepwalker, and then obediently moved to the headboard. Within a few moments Warrick was released, rubbing one wrist with his hand as he remained in place, watching Grissom for orders. A little nod of the head and the darker man had slid automatically and gracefully off the bed and onto the floor, standing in front of Gil as though he was about to challenge him once again. Images could be deceiving, of course; Grissom’s hand rested gently on the other man’s chest, gently stopping him from dropping to his knees with the slightest shakes of his head although the pleasure still shone in his light eyes.

Greg curled up on the bed as he watched with the sleepy, smug grin of the recently satisfied as Gil proceeded to touch Warrick as though he was inspecting a beautifully crafted statue. The tips of his fingers traced across the gleaming muscle of Warrick’s chest before moving upward, sliding up Warrick’s neck to cup his head and pull him into a deep, lingering and surprisingly powerful kiss.

“Greg,” Gil spoke again after he pulled away from Warrick’s mouth, his skin flushed and his eyes still fixed on the man directly in front of him with such intensity that Nick was shocked that either man realised the rest of the world existed. “I want Nick to fuck you. Do you think you could handle that?”

There was a little pause while both Nick and Greg tried to allow their minds to accept the information their ears had informed them of. Greg recovered first. He pushed himself up onto hands and knees like the world’s biggest puppy dog, then gave Nick such a pleased, happy, trusting grin that there was no question that Greg was perfectly satisfied with the arrangement. Having found a tube of lubricant, Greg crawled down the bed with the mattress dipping under his weight as he prowled closer. Nick found one hand captured almost romantically as Greg took hold of it and then gently pulled him further onto the bed.

And at that point the gentle, slow aspects began to slip. Nick suddenly found himself with a lapful of happy, squirming Greg, pressed up hard against him as Greg’s mouth met Nick’s in a physical display of lustful thoughts. Their tongues were immediately tackling each other, each little bout of submittal never lasting for more than a few seconds as their hands roamed over the sleek nakedness of their conjoined bodies, examining, caressing and stroking each other into a roaring fire of arousal.

“C’mon, Nicky,” Greg broke off, his voice breathless and his eyes sparkling as he eagerly squirmed against Nick’s achingly hard erection. He paused to steal another hot, hard kiss against Nick’s bruised mouth before leaning back again with a cheeky grin that was pure Greg. “Come fuck me.”

His throat grew drier at that, a blockage that seemed remarkably hard to swallow against. Nick slowly pushed himself up onto hands and knees, hissing softly as the toy shifted against another pleasure spot, then slowly began to follow Greg’s lead. The younger man had settled himself happily in the centre of one of the beds, his thumb popping off the lid of the lube with an expert flick as he looked back at Nick with happy acceptance of his fate. A few seconds later and Greg had swiped the pillows, slotting them under his hips comfortably before he started to pour a sea of lube into his palm. A happy look aimed itself squarely at Nick from between splayed thighs as Greg began to ready himself, giving himself the lube overkill that he had performed on Warrick. And Nick had a sneaking suspicion he knew exactly why that was, too; anyone getting fucked by a guy of Warrick’s strength and size on a regular basis wasn’t going to start worrying too much over what Nick was planning to do. Oh no, this was to make sure everything went slipperly smoothly for the ‘newcomer’, although Nick could easily fight down any irritation from that. If he was confident he wasn’t going to hurt Greg, then yeah, they could both enjoy it a whole lot more. Just because they were going to be oiled better than the average Sunday roast meant nothing.

And there was also no way he was letting Greg do all the work. Nick crawled forward, each movement a blissful agony until he was settled between Greg’s spread thighs. His hand rested over Greg’s, stilling him for a moment and smiling at Greg’s puzzled but pleased brown gaze as he looked back at him.

“Want a hand?” Nick murmured softly, allowing two fingers to rest exactly over Greg’s and slowly beginning to guide their joined hands back into the little double finger fuck that Greg had already begun. The soft, pleased moan sent another stab of lust deep into him, Greg’s head tipping back against the mattress as he slowly sank into the sensations with his usual lack of abandon. Ordinarily, Nick felt a little too much of a pervert to watch another man’s point of utter vulnerability, wanting to give the guy some privacy, but with Greg it was a whole different matter. Where Grissom and Warrick would slowly relinquish a little more of their control as a personal favour, Greg revelled in it, finding his own strength and steadying it as he urged his partner to join him with such joyful happiness that it was impossible to resist.

He was leaning over Greg’s trembling, hot body before Nick realised what was happening, his mouth instinctively kissing the tempting pale column of Greg’s neck as their hands continued to move. Greg’s moans were becoming louder, longing, pleading with them to give him a little more, and Nick slowly began to read exactly which moan meant what; the little higher pitched one meant he had just grazed over a pleasurable spot that had offered a stronger, intensive feeling that was almost bordering on pain. The lower, deeper purr begged for a stroke to continue for a few further moments. The soft whimper with a hitch required a slightly deeper movement, whereas the growl needed strength.

Oh yeah, Greg Sanders had a language all of his own.

“You ready, sweetheart?” Nick murmured softly, and was rewarded by a low, breathy moan in response. Greg smiled sleepily, his head shifting on the mattress as his hips bucked upwards. He licked his bottom lip, and then gave a tilt of the head and a wider grin of pure pleasure, a man utterly at peace and joy with his current world. Nick chuckled softly, and then pressed another kiss to Greg’s neck, tasting the salt of his sweat and feeling the other man swallow underneath his mouth.

It was simplicity itself to position himself; even if he wasn’t sure whether he was in the right spot, Greg was always there to guide him with the subtlest movements of his hips and an encouraging smile. Nick could feel the heat of his partner pressed against him in its intimate embrace, the sensation and knowledge that the blunt tip of his cock rested against Greg’s most innermost areas. Their eyes met again in silent communication before the corner of Greg’s mouth flickered upward even more and his hips slowly lifted to turn a rest into a pressure against the strong muscles.

Nick offered him a lop-sided grin, and slowly, carefully, began to ease forward. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears for so many reasons, from the nervousness of uncertainty to the burning need of arousal that was screaming at him to forget the whole ‘go slow’ aspect and just get on with the damned thing. At least he didn’t have to worry that his partner feared the same; Greg’s eyes fluttered closed as Nick slowly began to ease his length past the tight muscles, his breathing light and quick as one hand curled helplessly on the mattress. Regardless of his carefree positioning, Nick could feel the way that Greg was straining to help him every inch of the way, angling his hips perfectly to allow his partner’s incredibly slicked cock to slip deeper into the hot tightness that Greg offered him.

It was the delight that truly captivated him. Greg had always offered his own personal charm, the charismatic, cheeky happiness that normally drew Nick into his lab whenever he was feeling low or just needing a chat. Even now, as Greg stretched out further on the abused mattress and allowed his legs to widen, the grin on his face was something that Nick would expect from a cat that had been passed the keys to a cream factory. Sheer, utter, bliss, and in full contrast to the careful control of both Gil and Warrick.

It was even beginning to affect his behaviour, Nick realised as he found himself buried to the hilt, pressing his overheated, trembling body to Greg’s as he waited for the aftershocks to slow down. He lazily began to kiss along Greg’s neck and shoulders, feasting on him hungrily as his hips struggled not to move in the tightness that surrounded him.

“Y’okay?” he murmured in Greg’s ear, and chuckled at Greg’s laugh of pleasure and buck of his hips.

“Stupid question.” Greg reproved him in a panting, delighted, trembling voice. Nick huffed a laugh, and then licked up the column of Greg’s throat in much the same way as he had with Warrick’s captured form, tasting and comparing and receiving a low moan of pleasure as a result. Only Greg wasn’t stopping at moaning, no sir, he was planning on a whole heap of control despite his own cock being trapped between their bodies while Nick’s was buried deep within him.

“Want you, Nicky,” Greg squirmed, managing to dip his head to lick at Nick himself. “Want you to fuck me. Could you move for me? Fuck me hard? Please?”

And what the hell could he say to that? His hips seemed to be moving of their own accord, as though Greg had obtained a Nick Stokes remote and was firmly stamping on a few choice buttons. Nick growled softly, his hips slow at first and then picking up speed and power with each heartbeat that came. And still the delight came, the little gasps and shuddering groans of pleasure, and the whispered words of filthy happiness that appealed directly to Nick’s groin. It took him a while to realise he was responding in kind, words dripping off his lips that were so filthy that even dung beetles would shudder, and yet Nick just couldn’t stop himself.

“You like that, Greggo?” he murmured, his voice pausing as he licked and nibbled on Greg’s earlobe as the younger man shuddered underneath him. “Yeah, I bet you do. Like it hard, don’t you, sweetheart? Fast. Deep. Want my cock so far in you that you can taste it,”

He blamed Warrick for all of this, of course, Warrick of the cool expression and meet-the-parents smile and the imagination and language of an exotic porno spoken in a sexy, husky voice. A bad influence, as his mother would say, but then there was possibly something in the whole bad influence if it made your partner shudder like that and bury that wonderfully erotic look into everything that Greg did. Their bodies moved together, happily matching each other’s every thrust, every grunt, every breath as Nick continued to whisper filthy things to Greg’s ear and felt himself rewarded each time by the beautiful tremble that tightened Greg’s already tight channel around him. The toy wasn’t going to be forgotten either, no sir, sending a sharp bolt of pleasure deep inside him whenever he rolled his hips. Over and over, their groans and gasps quickening as their hips met harder, faster, the gentle slapping noise of their skin meeting fuelling the eroticism as Nick struggled to control himself.

Greg came first. Nick was proud of that. He didn’t quite know what he actually did to cause it, but his stomach had managed to give Greg a particularly good, hard surface to rut against and his hips had shifted enough that he was plundering a slightly different angle and then Greg’s back had arched so much it was as though he was planning to bridge a substantial river. The softest ‘oh!’ noise emerged from Greg’s throat, so soft that Nick wasn’t even sure he hadn’t just imagined it. Having imagined Greg was loud and energetic when he came, the sudden quiet intensity seemed all the more arousing, not least when coupled with Greg’s body clamping down on him with such power that he was helpless not to obey.

His own climax was slightly less subtle, a strangled breath of air emerging as every single muscle seemed to clench, hitting the toy and causing another strike of pleasure to hit on top of that; the possibility of decorum past that point was non-existent. Nick had no idea how loud his cry actually was, but then again he didn’t really care either right about that point as his eyes stared sightlessly ahead of him and his body shuddered through the last of the orgasm. And even after all that, the damned toy was still there, rubbing against parts of him with merciless persistency.

Panting, hot, slightly disoriented, Nick was brought back to full consciousness by the feel of Greg squirming next to him and then the feel of the younger man’s mouth on his neck. A soft sigh followed that, with the younger man nuzzling up to him in sleepy pleasure.

“Okay,” Greg commented, happily. “We can do that again. Not, y’know, now, cause I think you broke me a little, but soon.”

And that was a sentiment that Nick was quite happy to agree with. Only, Nick remembered, it wasn’t quite up to them. He glanced across nervously toward Grissom, feeling a little like he was going through the early stages of CSI proficiency, but he need not have worried; Griss didn’t have a smile on his face, but he did have one in his eyes, a satisfied, pleased look that Nick only saw whenever they had surpassed whatever expectation Gil had set for them in the privacy of his own mind. At some point Warrick had fetched a chair for him and they were sat together, the master on his chair and his ‘boy’ lounging at his feet like a leopard in a golden collar as Gil’s fingers stroked through Warrick’s hair.

“He’s not about to say ‘Come in, Mister Bond’, is he?” Greg whispered, and received a little solid elbow in the ribs for introducing that thought in Nick’s head. Not that Nick really minded the little joke; he’d got through it, properly got through it, and Gil was looking at them as though they had managed to crack a high profile serial murderer case in five minutes. Oh no, there was nothing that Greg could do to spoil this, even if he was trying. There wasn’t anything anyone could do to ruin it.

But of course tomorrow was a different day, and people always loved a challenge.



Date: 2010-08-07 01:14 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
"Tomorrow" couldn't be here soon enough with this story. Please update soon!

Re: Tomorrow?

Date: 2010-08-07 01:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you're enjoying it! The next chapter gets a bit more angsty, so we're up for extra drama - and possibly a rescue or two. Well, if Nick and Greg are lucky, anyway!

And the return of Lady Heather... *cue dramatic music*

Re: Tomorrow?

Date: 2010-08-07 05:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know, I know, never have dramatic music without a flash of lightning. I hang my head in shame! *hangs*

Date: 2010-08-07 02:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
VERY happy to see this, and i'll comment when i get some time to read it properly.

Date: 2010-08-07 05:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Okay! There's a whole heap of Greggo/Nick action in this one, so hopefully it'll press a few buttons ^^ - heh heh heh!

Date: 2010-08-09 01:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Very hot... I really like that you write very descriptivly and the Greg got some attention. I can't wait to see more, keep up the good work!

Date: 2010-08-09 12:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! I think I get a bit into the moment whenever I write, more description that you can waggle a furry stick at. If you happen to have a furry stick to hand, of course - or the inclination!

Poor Greg's going to get a lot of attention soon, although definitely not in the nice way *shuffle*

Date: 2010-08-10 02:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Poor Greg, I hope nothing permanent or that he can't recover from eventually.... I can't wait!

Date: 2010-08-10 08:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, he'll definitely be able to pull through eventually ^^ ... okay, that possibly wasn't as comforting as it could have been! Although I'm currently torn on which path to choose - rough but everything still between the group (albeit a little forced for the situation), or a full out bad guy bit with non-con stuff. Any preference? If I keep this up I'm going to have to write both the choices and end up with a "choose your own adventure" style slash book... O.o

Date: 2010-08-10 11:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You could go with the full out bad guy non-con stuff and then have the group work hard to save him and put the pieces back together.

Date: 2010-08-11 07:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmmm, definitely a possibility .. *ponders* I suspect I might have a few people going "eek!" regardless, but all eek is a good eek as long as I don't get killed at the end of it!

Date: 2010-08-11 08:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
well, it's your story so do as you please and if you need someone to play body guard I'm pretty good, LOL.

Date: 2010-08-11 09:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Excellent! Polish your armour, I say!

Date: 2010-08-11 07:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Damn, just when I thought Gil and Nick were finally going to get together, bam nothing happens.

So frustrating, but damn you write good sex. :)

Date: 2010-08-11 08:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry! *shuffle*

And I'm afraid it might get a bit more frustrating as well, there's some drama turning up very soon - although I *promise* they WILL have a whole chapter dedicated to Gil/Nick physical love! Possibly two.. although after large amounts of angst, probably, but hopefully that'll just make it a little sweeter in contrast. I hope anyway! I blame the CSI Slash RPG ( for it though, I write Nick against a really good Gil and therefore I can get all my Gil/Nick erotic urges out ^^. And you gotta use a scapegoat when one presents itself to be used

Glad the sex is good though, I'll make sure there's absolutely tons of it when we finally get the boys together :D


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