Jul. 11th, 2010

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FIC: To Whom It May Concern (13/?)
Rating: NC17
Setting: CSI Vegas
Summary: When a tip off suggests that there may be murderous films being produced and distributed in Vegas, the male members of the CSI team try an undercover stunt to recover more evidence. However, their tenuous foray into the BDSM scene leads to unexpected and occasionally unwelcome discoveries within the group itself.

Please check tags for past chapters

Author's Note: Due to ridiculous size of chapter - it kept growing! - it's had to be chopped into two again. This chapter is un-beta'd, extreme and immense grovelling for any mistakes that have occurred. Equally, extreme and immense grovelling for the length of time between posting... in fact, I guess I'd better just stay on my knees for the foreseeable future! *shuffle*

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Just another quick plug for this game - we are still after players for the slash version of CSI, characters taken from all three shows (characters especially needed for New York). Please check out HERE if you're interested. The game is currently screened to members only, feel free to IM for any further details.

Please note that this is a slash community.. okay, you'd probably got that from the name, but I thought it was important enough to repeat just in case we startle some poor reader! ^^


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