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Birthdate:May 11
Website:LOTR Foofy Fics
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Welcome to the profile, which will probably give you about as much information on me as the average chocolate bar gives on World Peace. In this journal you will find slash fic, news on any upcoming published work, general diary and general LARP piccies from Maelstrom. The majority of fics that are posted to LJ communities will remain public, unless something weird happens.

Current working fandoms are CSI: Vegas and Wolverine: Origins, past fandoms include LOTR and various RPS situations. I use the name "Foofy" on external sites, and Jo Perridge on published work. Please note that most of my fics dabble a little on the dark side, so please make sure you note the warnings and ratings of fics before you dive in.

I'm also having extreme difficulties getting notifications on LJ for email/PMing, despite poking everything with a huge spoon. If you do PM me and I haven't replied, poke me on a comment and I'll go check it out - thanks! *smooches*

See? Told you it was boring..!

Involved in a few RPGs:
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