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Yes. It's a het-fic. Dum dum DUM!!!

FIC: Complicated Procedures
Author: Foofy
Universe: Het RPS (Eagle’s Nest)
Pairing: Hugh Jackman/Rachel Weisz (as the secretary Mary)
Rating: NC17
Summary: Due to the danger that the Cat poses to the base Mary begins the procedure to “train” Jaguar in an attempt to limit his threat. Well, that was the official line anyway
Disclaimer: Completely fiction. Never happened.

This fic is written in the Eagle’s Nest universe between Hugh Jackman (Jaguar) and the RPG Base’s matter of fact secretary, Mary (appearance based on the actress Rachel Weisz). The following story has been encouraged mostly by the screen captures from The Fountain and a few members of the RPG group who went eeee – you know who you are!

For any Eagle Nest RPGer/follower who reads it, this story is set after Hugh’s psychic ‘Cat’ ability is made known to the base and the health and safety factor rears its ugly head. Jaguar is separated from Puma at this stage but has not entered any further relationship.

Eagle's Nest the original fic written by the very talented Sindahise can be found here

Warnings: crazy as I know this warning is considering the average sexual orientation of those on my flist, this fic contains het smut. There may be further chapters which contain slash but this one is PURELY het action. Also contains .. er.. god knows what to describe the cat as. Feral man stuff I suppose. No actual animals are involved

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