Jul. 4th, 2010 11:12 pm
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Getting a whole heap of little frustrations at the moment, that seem to be building into one generally massive frustration which I'm a little worried will end up being thrust upon someone who applied the frustration that broke the camel's back and get flattened by it. An awkward death. Not that there's many non-awkward deaths, normally. Oh well. Hopefully it'll pass soon and there's less .. I don't know, whistling in the dark. Or screaming, if I'm in a dramatic mood (which I can't be at the moment, as I have no trousers on. There are rules on dramatic moments). The real life actually important drama is slowly getting resolved anyway, and I shall wave the little flag for that.

On the plus side, I'm getting some writing done (slash waffle follows):

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Apr. 5th, 2010 03:30 pm
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Have returned from Maelstrom, and I ache. I really need to get back into exercises that involve more than my upper arms, which is a slightly peculiar thing to say. Anyway, spent a whole day finding young, foolish boys (preferably called James, but not essential) to give to Fluffy the pirate. Sadly Dogboy is dead - he offered himself up as a sacrifice to the volcano, which is proof that I shouldn't leave him alone *for a minute* - but I did get to write a wonderful prayer to the Jaguar god starting with "Dear Mr Jaguar, hope you are well. Having a lovely time at the island..." and various cartoons. Oh, and a request for a particular item blueprint. If Matt P manages to get it for me, I will also love him forever. Honest.

Anyway, will write up a longer account, mostly because it was all silliness and nothing even remotely political - apart from possibly the said volcano - and therefore I can. I have a few photographs, but sadly nothing too impressive. Also failed to buy swords, although I have found the trademan who will be making them for me, for they are historically accurate - vaguely - and really, really light. Normally they're all done for the male market and my poor arms hurt! These ones you can parry so damned quick it's like .. well, it's like having a really light sword. But you kinda got that already. Will shut up now.

Oh, and the car got stuck in the mud at least three times. I will need to send a card of thanks to Bill and his TRACTOR OF DELIGHT!! *woo Bill!* (scarily enough, he was very grateful for the thanks, for some nasty woman he had just pulled out of the mud actually yelled at him because she "wasn't ready" - despite the fact that he had taken ages getting her car in the right position to be towed, everything was fine, and then she happened to get a call on her mobile which apparently she had to take *right then*. Personally, I'd have left her in the mud).

End waffle.


Feb. 12th, 2010 04:57 pm
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Odyssey looks shiny.... much more shiny than I had been anticipating. Oh, choices, choices!

*drums fingers in indecision*
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Okay, on the basis there is absolutely nothing else on tv at the moment, I have started to watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (the first one? The one in Las Vegas anyway). Granted, this was also prompted by the fact that Liev S. was guest starring in about 3 episodes in the seventh season - although weirdly enough all I seem to find are Lost stars and random actors such as the Janitor from Scrubs - but I'm beginning to get into it now I've got over their tendency to take things a little too seriously, and got over the sheer squareness of Nick Stokes' jaw. Even Action Man would be impressed by that (the square jaw, not me getting into CSI).

And hell, there's a lot of Price of Love I'm understanding now - I hadn't realised how much was actually canon!

Anyway, moving back to the point of this particular post, I'm keen to find some Nick/Warrick slash and seem to keep crashing into either Nick/Gil or the popular Nick/Greg set up. The few I have found have been written in the first person, which I personally dislike. So, does anyone have any recommendations for fic or a slash site for CSI I can browse? Please? With cherries on top and a particularly dubious portion of cream?
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Yep, this is weird, so I'll keep it short ish

My little daughter Caitlyn has a favourite soft toy, called (imaginatively) Puppy, which is a little golden Labrador. I'm currently trying save up tokens from Andrex Toilet Rolls to get her a little friend for the extremely battered Puppy - these tokens can be gained through a little code on the package.

So! If there's any UK person out there whose bottom is normally caressed by the silky soft touch of Andrex - there's my plug, in the nicest possible way - then I would dearly love to get the internet code that will be written on the inside of the plastic packaging for 4 roll packages and 9 rolls. The code is covered by a big black box on the outside, so you have to rip it open and then read it - these are only given in the packs which actually has "puppy points" illustrating the packet such as:

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