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I haven't pimped this particular story out in a while, but the latest few chapters might interest a few of my flist - as some may already know, it's a very varied AU character fiction, involving a wide range of fandoms and writers, and there is genuinely something for every slash taste. Full details on the community page

As always, watch out, there's slash about. Please be aware that the fic will involve adult sexual situations, make sure you read all warnings for the community before getting stuck in. Mind you, if you're a regular reader of what I normally put up on LJ, you'll be fine. I suspect my flist will already know which character I'd be writing.. not that I'm obsessed or anything! *innocent look*


FIC Update: The Price of Love

Multifandom AU The Price of Love set in Victorian San Francisco’s finest ‘specialty’ parlour house has been updated. Step inside Freeman’s Private Gentleman’s Club: [ profile] price_o_love, and discover with us who will pay

Latest round of Hanky-Panky:

Chapter 97: Reflections in Black A groggy Hugh awakes to discover he is in the playroom - and he is not alone...


Curious about what happened before? Here's some of the previous Chapters - pop to the community for the full chapter list :D

Chapter 93: Back at the Barn One barn, two wagons, half-dozen or so horses and eight men, that's a good recipe, right? With Eric, Hugh, Karl, Marton, Viggo, Vin, Wind in the Grass (Adam Beach)

Chapter 94: The Deal As the House makes their way back home, Hugh discovers that the hold he thought he had over his memories isn't as strong as he hoped. Features Colin/Hugh

Chapter 95: Making Decisions Greg has some thinking to do, and Nick learns more about Archie. Features Marg, Greg, Nick & Archie

Chapter 96: Daddy Issues A look back at young lovers Matt and Josh, and an event that changed their relationship forever.

(needless to say the official pimping thingie looks a lot better, but I can't get the pesky coding to work for me. It hates me, truly it does)


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