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Have had a quick look at my journal and realised I am falling behind on .. well, looking visible. And considering how much I'm actually on LJ, this is most irritating! Anyway, the update:

a) Still exist. Hoorah!
b) Mostly writing CSI slash stuff on the RPG rather than anything ficcy, although I guess I'm on a fic time out at the moment.
c) Minor updates tend to occur on facebook for reasons I can't remember now - I think it was mostly down to having to randomly poke people on FB and I was too lazy to move sites to update somewhere else. Pah.
d) Kids both fine, if mostly covered in random stain 95% of the time. Bob is equally fine, especially now he has moved teams in his work and is now not stressed out over a boss called Tony.

Sadly nothing wildly interesting has happened; a few depressing things, but I shall keep those to myself as they tend to sound really damned weird when written down and people have other things to do than go 'eh?' at the screen. Like chocolate, for example.

Sent Cait to school today dressed up in a makeshift police outfit as they have a police day today but didn't bother to tell us until a few days ago which meant anyone who didn't already have the full dress up police clothes couldn't really get them without rushing off for a shopping trip after work, and that isn't happening. Hospital gear, fine, we have tons of that. Army kit, yep. Fairy/Princess dresses coming out our ears (slightly uncomfortable that, I think it's the wire in the wings that causes medical issues...). Police kit no. Although I am gutted I didn't have time to use it as an excuse to buy up a CSI baseball cap, get Cait a furry bug of some description and teach her how to say Entomology.

Maelstrom downtimes are back, am feeling all Maelstromy once again - not least due to a little bunch of friends who are hopefully coming to the July event as LARPing virgins - and have suddenly discovered that I need to make several more loincloths because Hux lost his at a party (which sounds a damned good party, quite frankly), and we have more boys intending to attend. I had written to come, but I thought that might be read in a completely naughty way. Not that I know anyone who would do that *cough cough*

So yes! Hope everyone is spiffy, or as spiffy as possible anyway ;)

Date: 2011-04-01 02:31 pm (UTC)
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Sounds mostly good!!

Date: 2011-04-01 04:43 pm (UTC)
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Nice to hear from you.


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