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Stolen from [ profile] helena_s_renn.


We all have them, lingering around, sniffling aimlessly around our hard drives, stinking up the place with their lingering pellets of guilt = zombie fic-bunnies, neither living nor dead.

Well, October is the month to give them life or euthanize them once and for all. Join us in our goal of emptying out the "dead bunnies" from our files. Any and all fandoms are encouraged to participate!

Do this in one of three ways:

1. post your notes as they are and let the bunny die a graceful death

2. give your bunny a Frankenstein-style half-life by polishing what you have and letting it stand as a ficlet or series of drabbles or whatever you can make out of it without too much effort

3. revive your bunnies and give them a life they deserve, fully realized as actual fics

Fics/drabbles can and should be crossposted at will. Also post a link to this post so other people know how to join the Bunny Euthanasia Project!

If you choose Options 1 or 3, post wherever you like, all month.

If you choose Option 2, wait for Halloween, when the veil is thin and the distance between the worlds of the living and dead is most easily breached. Post them on the 31st and send your bunnies off into the netherworld with spooky celebrations and a much lighter conscience.

Help spread the word about the Bunny Euthanasia Project by reposting this message in your LiveJournal (and thereby signifying your participation). October is an excellent month to clear out the bunnies, just before NaNoWriMo and the endless Christmas ficathons!


I have some stories that really really aren't likely to see the light of day without severe poking. Therefore I shall be plonking them on the journal for random viewing. There are two extra extra long stories still outstanding, and therefore the first chapters will also be posted for these


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