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Yeah, I've had a little period of random film watching, mostly some old Liev Schreiber ones. So, most likely for [ profile] mrsbean and [ profile] mi_thirteen's pleasure, I bring you some random screen caps of large bloke in dress looking surprisingly foxy.

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Because then it gets me away from Word. I hate editing. I started with a document that was 20 pages long and it's now 24 pages. I can't seem to get off page 10, god damn it! *shakes fist*

On the plus side, Promises chapter should be ready by the end of today to avoid me going insane. I've even got a new Tiddles icon to celebrate, which again was created to give me an excuse to avoid editing. Procrastination, I do love you

PS - Cupcake week (a whole week!) is on 14th -19th Sept. If anyone requires an excuse to make and eat cupcake, that's a good one to use (hey, we have to practise before the main event, right?)
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Currently playing .. or at least watching.. Mandy play the Wolverine Wii game. There is much amusement to go around, including attacks such as "Awsome Slash", "Backhanded Slash", "Spincycle" (presumably you get your clothes washed as well), and seemingly a whole level in which you run around in your underwear killing things and breaking computers.

Both Hugh and Liev supply the voices to their respective characters, although Liev must have been in a very happy mood when he did his as it's much lighter and higher than his usual gravelly purr. Victor and Wade have just had a bickering argument over the radio, mostly because Victor forgets to mention Wade in the message and Wade takes offence.

PC version is apparently better and more detailed, so may have to get that in future as well :D. The plus side with the Wii is you do a *lot* of random waving with your controller which, quite frankly, looks like he's having a little masturbation session in peculiar places. Well, locational anyway.

May have to do a full review on this game ;). Oh, and we get to beat up Gambit soon, although for some reason he's apparently picked up an army from somewhere. Now that's an interesting thing to win in a poker game...


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