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Promises: Insanity (19/?)
Fandom: Wolverine Origins
Author: Foofy ([ profile] niceandfluffy)
Rating: NC17
Warnings: AU, sex, violence, imprisonment, nothing too bad though. Um, for me.

Summary: Logan struggles to control his need to destroy, and Wade offers an alternative. Meanwhile, deep in the enemies’ lair, Victor starts to reflect on his position.

Previous chapters can be found here

Author’s Note: Extreme apologies – again – for significant pause between chapters. Combination of real life, writer’s block and the usual aspects that tend to be a bane of my life. I WILL be finishing this fic at some point though, promise


His claws were buried in the mattress when he finally woke up. Logan snarled and stared around the darkened room suspiciously, slowly allowing the metal blades to retract back inside as his breathing slowly calmed. The scent told him it was the motel, a mixture of dirt and sweat and food, and mixed in with the scents of his companions. Some of those scents were stronger than others.

“Wade?” he growled.

A shadow shifted in the corner of the room.


Logan growled a little more. Wade’s voice was completely unconcerned, as though everything that happened had been perfectly scripted and the ending was clear cut. He pushed himself up but his body was still having issues with the drug that had been pumped into his system, the drug that should have vanished with a few minutes. What the hell had they done to him?

“Yeah, probably best if you don’t start walking around,” Wade supplied helpfully as Logan moved forward shakily. “You’ve been trying to turn the bed into sawdust in your sleep, and you’re a damned lump to move if you suddenly fall over.”

There was a pause, and then Wade began to talk through a mouthful of food.

“Not that I have a real issue with you on the floor at my feet, you understand. It’s quite fun, in a way, and it’s a novel version of a floor rug. But, well, I’m likely to keep tripping over you and that’s just plain annoying,” another pause signalled a swallow. “So. How you feeling?”

Logan turned eyes full of anger onto him. They had taken Victor. They had clearly taken Remy. His body had been pumped full of something that made him dopy and unwilling to work. He had to put up with Wade’s chatter on his own. And the kid had the nerve to ask him how he was feeling?

Wade chuckled softly.

“Okay, I’m assuming that evil look means you’re pretty pissed off.” The mercenary shrugged. “I don’t blame you, although don’t blame me for this. I’ve got enough problems on my plate without you adding a live autopsy to it. So, let’s ignore the whole ‘I’m fucked off’ thing, cause quite frankly you’re always fucked off, and let’s get on with the practical questions. Anything about to drop off?”

Logan gave him a look.

“I’ll take that as a no. Is your head about to explode?”

Logan gave him another look. Wade rolled his eyes.

“Yay, this is going to be a fun conversation. Can you walk?”

Logan was about to give him a third look, then hesitated. He growled softly and slowly moved to the edge of the bed. His movements were jerky, but they slowly obeyed orders; just not as swiftly as he would have liked. Logan suddenly felt a wash of frustration flow through him. He didn’t have time for this.

“So that’s a maybe? Or just a really cautious yes?” Wade eyed him, then laughed. “You look like you’re drunk.”

The look came back for another go, this time promising head removal and spitting down his neck. Wade made a ‘pfft’ noise and stretched lazily.

“C’mon. You can’t come and kill me, we both know it. You’re too slow and I’m too good at getting out the way. Well, once I get my energy levels up. You wanna know how much juice it takes to teleport yourself and a ton’s worth of angry feral muscle over a significant distance? A lot. More than a lot. Super lots. So much food that you just need a goodie bag before you’ve got a drive thru.” Wade waved his arm around in some sort of demonstration. “So don’t go growling to me that you’re the only one suffering here.”

“Need to go.” Logan snarled softly.

“Go? Go where? Cause it can’t be to the base, because that would be really dumb. Unless you’re in the mood to surrender, of course.” Wade mused on that. “Never had you down as a surrenderer, really.”

“’Ain’t a word,”

“Yes, it is. It’s just not a correct word. You gotta think outside the dictionary once in a while,” Wade took another mouthful of random food. “You go off to the base to rescue your brother and your sugar plum, then they’ll just shoot you full of more naughty darts and you’ll be on your back quicker than a whore in a cut price brothel. Although, to be fair, it is cute that you want to go be the hero. Dumb but cute.”

Logan’s lip curled to show off his teeth. Wade, unsurprisingly, didn’t bat an eyelash. If you had spent months with Victor it was slightly predictable that there would be an immunity to pointy teeth phobias.

“You wanna hear what I’m gonna suggest?”


“Awww. Not even a syllable? C’mon. It’s a really good syllable. So shiny it’s like.. well, it’s like a chocolate covered syllable. Possibly even with nuts, although I wouldn’t recommend searching for them otherwise you’d get stuck to it and you’ve got a lot of body hair to get stuck,”

Logan’s eyes narrowed even more. His fists clenched and he could feel the tips of the blades press against his flesh, only his willpower forcing them back. Wade talking was always an irritation, but in this type of situation it was even worse. He growled softly, which Wade took to be a vague affirmative. He clapped his hands together as though he was actually a Sunday School teacher confronted with a free art museum.

“Well, I vote we cause a bit of chaos.”

Logan’s eyebrow twitched upwards to display his increasing irritation.

“Honestly. They’ve got a really pissed off Victor in there, and a pissed off Victor does tend to make his own path out of any cage. All we need to do is give him a little escape hole and we’ve done it.”

“And the machines? We ain’t here for the scenery. We’re here to get you fixed-,”

“What, like a tomcat?”

“-don’t tempt me. Your teleportation thing and these fucking tags,” Logan tapped his own brow with his finger just in case Wade forgot where said fucking tags were located. “So just fucking with them ain’t gonna work. And we don’t know what the hell they’re doing with the other two either.”

“True. They might be forced into ballroom dancing,” Wade nodded, then chuckled. “Oh, stop glaring at me like that. What we do is a nice little team work exercise, but you’re gonna have to be prepared to withdraw. I need you to be a massive diversion, and I’ll just sneak around the back and start pulling some wires out of their whatsits. Easy as pie. Although, to be fair, have you ever tried making a pie? They’re not that easy, and I always get pastry stuck to everything,”

“That ain’t gonna work.”

“Okay, now you’re getting boring. Of course it’ll work. You just have to be positive, and give it some trust,”

“Trust?” Logan snorted softly. “Of you?”

“Well, if not me, then trust in your brother’s ability to mince people up into cat food if he gets very upset. And, let’s face it, he’s gonna be seriously pissed off right about now. He’s not a house cat, poor darling,”

“He’s not a ‘poor darling’ either,” Logan pointed out.

“He might be now. They could be trying to house train him. The taming of the mew,” Wade said solemnly, and then stretched. “Anyway, we’re gonna have to wait for a little bit.”


“Because they’ve got everything on standby, and neither of us are going to get further than the road before we go splat. Now, I like splat, but only when I’m inflicting it and not when it’s actually happening to me. Unless someone sexy’s on top of me, of course,” Wade added. “When we’re off the splat warning, we’ll be able to go,”

Logan snarled and pushed himself off the bed, stalking to the door. Sadly this didn’t happen quickly enough; Wade slipped between him and the door frame, and folded his arms as though his little organic roadblock might actually be of some use. Logan thought about talking, but instead simply took hold of Wade’s arm and flung him bodily out the way. There was a little pop rather than a crunch, and Wade was suddenly back in front of him, although this time with a weary look in his eyes and slightly out of breath. Logan’s eyes narrowed. Perhaps the man did need some time to recover.

Still wasn’t a good enough reason not to go off and smash people into little bits, though.

“Logan, this is a really, really bad idea, and trust me, I know about bad ideas.” Wade held his ground. “Get your ass on that bed before you rip me apart, cause I’m wearing my best clothes and everyone’s already tried to ruin them.”

“Why do you care?” snarled Logan. Wade shrugged.

“Probably cause I can have more fun if we’re doing this together. Chaos loves company, and you got to have someone to share the photographs with, right?” Wade waved a finger at the bed as though it might explode. “C’mon. I’ll make it worth your while,”

“I doubt it,”

“Yeah, that’s what your brother says constantly, and yet he’s always in my bed,” Wade raised his eyebrow. Logan snorted.

“Victor’s lazy. Can’t be arsed to find anyone else,” he growled. Wade rolled his eyes.

“Not true, and you know it. Well, about the can’t be arsed bit anyway.” There was a shove to Logan’s shoulder, which achieved precisely nothing. “C’mon, fluffikins. You’re gonna have to do this by yourself, cause you’re actually pretty damned heavy.”

Logan waited for a few seconds before gently putting his hand on Wade’s chest and propelling him backwards. Wade might have a healing factor and teleportation, but the man was still far too light to be anything but a ping-pong ball. Wade scowled.

“You know I’m right! You go off to that base in the state you are at the moment and you’re gonna be in the same situation as Vicky! You just hate saying I’m right!”

“Why break a habit of a lifetime?” Logan growled softly. “You’re getting annoying.”

“Only getting? I’m seriously slipping.” Wade refused to budge. “Tomorrow. Promise. Then we’ll both be well enough to kick some ass. Possibly some pony as well. Or even a mule or two.”

Wade’s hands introduced themselves to Logan’s shoulders, but Logan grudgingly allowed them to stay. A pleased look crossed Wade’s features before he slowly began to guide them back towards the bed; Logan growled softly, his hands clenching tighter, but grudgingly accepted the fact the base was going to be tough enough to crack without running on empty at the time.

“I can tell you a few stories to get you off to sleep,” Wade was saying. Logan dragged his mind back.

“Don’t you fucking dare,”

“Aww, but they’re good things! Anyway, you and Vicky share so much, don’t you? Ideas, dreams, bodily fluid… hey, could you tell me stories of when you guys were in the army together? You know, the past armies rather than Team X and that sort of thing, cause I kinda know those ones.” Wade hesitated. “Wait, you two only got together in a rumpy pumpy way when I was around, right?”

Logan growled again.

“That can’t have been your only sexual contact,” Wade made another pfft noise. “Cause you’ve both got that ‘in heat’ thing and-,”

Logan took hold of Wade’s arm and casually threw him backwards. Wade skidded back as though he was doing surfing in reverse, then sulked slightly. Logan growled at him.

“Nice attempt to distract me,”

“Fuck the attempt, I want to know! Vicky never tells me anything, even after he’s been purring like a kitten for at least two hours.” Wade strolled back. “Or would you prefer me to talk about Remy’s habit of-,”

“No.” Logan didn’t want to think of Remy. The boy had no healing ability. If Victor was guaranteed to be there at the end of it, Remy was guaranteed to break. “If he is there-,”

“He is.”

“- then.. you can just shut your face,” Logan snarled and sat back on the bed, suddenly discovering a Wade shaped blanket next to him. The teleportation really had to go. Wade made a little ‘awwww’ noise that just begged to be torn to pieces, and patted one of Logan’s iron hard thighs.

“It’s so sweet when tough bastards suddenly discover a weak spot. It’s even better when it has added pornography.” Wade squirmed closer to him, and Logan grudgingly allowed him to. Fighting him was like fighting gravity. You might be able to keep it up for a few hours but eventually gravity was going to win. It was all a matter of determination.

“He is not my weak spot.” Logan snarled.

“It looks pretty squishy from where I’m lying,”

“I can give you other things that’ll look pretty squishy by the time I’ve finished with you-,”

“Ooh, touchy. Look, Oh Mighty Grump, you’re not the only one missing their lover at the moment, okay? I could be in the middle of violent, slightly messy passion right at this point!” Wade’s finger poked him harder in the thigh. “And what am I left with? You.”

“Don’t get ideas,” Logan snarled

“Ideas? Me? I’m a paragon of virtue, a beacon of good cheer and a dildo of delight. Anyway, it’s not like we haven’t slept together before now, right?” Wade shifted position. “Or d’you need your brother to give you orders for everything-erk!!”

Logan’s hand around Wade’s throat was tight enough to make the words die in the other man’s throat. He waited for a few moments, and then released him in disgust. Wade flopped down and rubbed at his throat, panting softly.

“Okay, really getting bored of getting strangled all the time,” he sulked. Logan scowled at him. They might have to work together but there was no way he was going to discuss Victor’s influence with Wade, regardless of what Wade had been involved in. He’d been in numerous fights without his brother since their split, but this was the first time he truly missed his solid, somewhat psychotic presence next to him. Even if he didn’t know what he was doing, Victor had the lazy confidence to suggest that it was all a matter of time and perspective. A flicker of his eyebrow could convey a whole book worth of planning. Logan’s hand tightened into a fist.

“Awwww,” Wade slapped his hands on Logan’s shoulders and began to rub. “You’re all tense. Okay, that’s probably a wise move considering the fact we have to attack a whole base with 50% less manpower, but it’s pretty cute when it comes to you. I’d offer to fix you a bubble bath, but I forgot my rubber duckie and I don’t think I have any soap and the only thing that’s likely to make bubbles in the bath is through flatulence so a massage is the best I can give you.”

“Wade. Please stop talking,”

“Awww again! You said please! That’s even cuter! We’ll have you in little bunny ears and a pink bow before the day is up, which is likely to be bloody surprising to the base. Perhaps that’s what we should do.. dress up! Isn’t it washerwomen who spend their lives getting in and out of security bases for some reason?”

“We’re not dressing up.” Logan growled

“Spoilsport. Okay, I’m not entirely sure what a washerwoman does, but I love wearing women’s clothing. It allows a wonderful draught around my balls-,”

Shut up!!”

There was a very small pause as Wade’s hands continued to knead Logan’s shoulders in what was probably going to be the less irritating thing that evening. Logan scowled. He hated waiting. Waiting happened to other people, people who had no confidence or obeyed orders or who were scared. Logan’s eyes narrowed. If the base thought they had beaten them, they had another thing coming. They were going to go back there, shoved his arm down someone’s throat and rip-

“Uh, you appear to be getting pointy on me,” Wade’s voice broke through Logan’s thoughts. “Unless your claws get erect when you’re all excited too?”

Logan looked down and snarled, sliding the claws back into his body. Wade patted him on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I always get a little over excited myself. Victor tends to do that too, although his eyes kinda gleam if his claws are coming into play. And he does that grin of his … you know that one, where a cat has suddenly discovered where the butchers is and has worked out it can steal a whole line of sausages without anyone noticing.”

“Stop talking about my brother,”

“Hey, he’s my boyfriend,” Wade sulked. “I’m allowed to talk about him. It’s in the contract.”

“He’s not a boyfriend. He’s never a boyfriend. He’s a sexual partner,” Logan growled.

“Sexual partner? That sounds like some sort of business proposal. D’you think we should get cards printed?” Wade mused. “I like the sound of that, actually. Get up in the morning and leave a little card on the pillow. You Have Been Visited By A Sexual Partner. Anyway, why can’t I call him my boyfriend? He’s a boy.. well, in gender if not in age, and he’s my …,”

There was a little pause. “Okay, he’s not the friendliest in the world, I’ll give you that. Boy Who Is Grudgingly Affectionate doesn’t really have the same ring to it though,”

Logan growled again. He wasn’t entirely sure why the term boyfriend grated so damned badly, but it did. Victor was his own man, and Logan’s brother. Nothing else needed to apply, or claim ownership over him. Victor would never have a wife, or acknowledge any child. The only thing he cared about was his stupid pet, and Logan wasn’t entirely sure that wasn’t simply to keep people guessing about his true vulnerabilities. He could see the rat from here; Tiddles was sitting on the box watching them solemnly, as though they were in a strange rodent-led therapy session. That rat should have been lunch, or possibly a toy. Instead it had been cared for and fed and given a box to sleep in and protection, and yet still had enough freedom to trot out the door if it wanted to. Victor was giving the rat the same type of attention as Logan had been giving Remy, which made the term Street Rat a little more apt.

He pushed his mind away from the subject of Remy. They had taken the kid from under their noses, and disguised it with Wade’s little sexual marathon and sheer anger. He should have realised the kid was missing earlier. He should have at least tracked his progress away from the motel. There were so many ‘should haves’ that he was probably coming up to his own personal limit. Even if their relationship was over – and he had no idea what the state of play was for that – he couldn’t leave the kid there to be experimented on.

“Okay, massages are supposed to make you less tense rather than more,” Wade dug his thumbs in a little more but he was fighting a losing battle. There was an irritated growl, and Wade poked him in the ribs. “I’ll assume a tickle attack’s not going to work?”

Logan growled harder.

“Oh, c’mon! We’re not going to get very far if you’re all enraged, cause you don’t seem to think about anything other than unzipping someone and fishing in their guts with your claws. If this isn’t working, then I need another way to distract you, aren’t I?”

Logan snarled, then suddenly realised what that was going to entail.

“Wade, don’t you dare-,” he started, but it was too late. There was another little pop and Wade appeared in front of him, close enough for Logan’s skin to tingle from the proximity. Surprisingly soft brown eyes studied him thoughtfully, although even now Logan could see the strange flicker in Wilson’s eyes; it was as though the man was constantly distracted by something else, like a constant voice talking in his head or, given Wade, purple bunnies frolicking in the corner. You could never take anything for granted when it came to him.

“Look. You get yourself nice and tense and that’s great for revenge attacks but not so great when it comes to the art of thinking. You haven’t got Stryker or Vicky here to guide you,” Wade gave him a friendly smile. “And that’s why you’re all nuts about Remy, isn’t it? You have the brawn, he has the brains-,”

The conversation stopped as Logan’s hand gripped him hard around the throat.

“-not that you can’t think,” Wade added in a strangled voice. “but its nice to delegate once in a while, right? I’ve been around Gambit a lot. He doesn’t stop plotting and planning and being sneaky, even when he’s on the toilet. How I know that is immaterial. The fact is I’m right, and I’m getting good at being right, aren’t I? I should get a gold star. Several, in fact.”

Logan looked at him suspiciously, and then dropped his hand with a snort of disgust. Wade gave him a winning grin.

So,” he said. “If you want to go smashy-smashy, then that means I get to do all the thinky-thinky. And won’t that be fun?”

“You don’t think,”

“Of course I think. I just don’t make productive thinking a habit, ‘cause otherwise you’d end up like Stryker; a man who has an orgasm over an evil plan and irons his underwear.” Wade snorted. “Or gets someone else to do it. Possibly Zero, he looks like he could be a killer ironer, and when I say that I am thinking of the lack of crinkles rather than, say, shoving said iron through someone’s head.” Wade paused to think that one over, and then laughed. “Ha! Iron Man. Strong, violent but good at shirts,”

“Did you have a point or is this just a new form of torture?” Logan growled.

“I have many, many points, all made out of the finest metal, but let’s just stick with the idea that you, my big, vicious, slightly sweaty team mate, need to be distracted.” Wade raised his eyebrow. “And I have just the thing-,”

“If this is sexual then I’m going to slowly kill you,”

“Hey, I can do things other than sex! Scrabble, for example.”

“With your hand on my crotch?”

“That’s where I keep the scrabble pieces,” Wade explained with what was probably an earnest expression on his face. Logan eyed him, then calmly gripped Wade’s wrist and removed it from the offending area.

“Keep that up and I’ll cut it off. Your hand,” Logan added as Wade’s mouth opened automatically. “I ain’t in the mood to be distracted.”

“Yes you are,” Wade said patiently. “You just don’t know it yet,”


When Victor came out of his trace, it was hard to tell the difference. The world was wrong, very wrong; where sunlight normally graced the surroundings there was nothing but shadow, the only light sources having the stark, artificial light that always gave him a headache. Not that there was much light given to him; his cage was nothing more than a cave with bars that cut off the entrance, thick, solid ones that suggested they had met up with people much tougher than him. Not that they were giving him much of a choice in the matter; his hands were fastened together in a strange bracelet formed thing that seemed magnetically attached to each other, and a thick collar was clasped around his neck. A chain attached the collar to the stone walls, equally uncompromising.

He shifted, eyes flickering over the surroundings. There was a chill in the air that he hadn’t felt since he had arrived in California, a scent of damp mould that promised ill-health for anyone who met up with it for too long. The cave was attached to a corridor, mostly man-made he noticed, with a curved ceiling and far too much smooth rock involved. Other cage fronts could be seen from his position, but the angle was wrong to actually look inside; the scent suggested that most of them were empty.

Victor growled softly and pushed himself onto his knees. He tested the wrist fasteners, which refused to budge. The collar was equally resistant to his strength, which was just annoying. He growled again and looked around the cage. He could smell LeBeau, but the boy was clearly not there unless he had managed to obtain invisibility in the meantime.

He snorted and raised his head again thoughtfully. If they thought they were going to keep him caged up, they were in for a shock. There was always an escape route.

“Good morning,”

The voice seemed to come from nowhere. Victor raised his head a little further, his eyes watchful but untroubled. Anyone who needed this amount of metal to feel secure was no one he needed to be wary over. No scent, and the voice was proving difficult to locate. No doubt a radio of some sort, designed to keep him on his toes. Fat chance.

“Is it?” Victor raised his eyebrow and settled back against the cave. “I wouldn’t know. A distinct lack of windows in here,”

“Mmmm,” there was the slightest crackle, confirming Victor’s suspicion of technology. “I fear the design for the base was concerned primarily for function rather than interior design.”

Victor shrugged, and casually glanced at the walls as though they might contain something more interesting than the rock face they tended to be.

“And you are…?” Victor asked idly. “I assume you already know who I am,”

“Stryker’s favourite soldier? The man .. and granted, I use that term very wrongly .. that Stryker delights in sending in for all those awkward, messy moments. Oh yes, I am aware of who you are. Or, at least, who you were,”

Victor waited for a moment, and then laughed. It was almost as bad as one of Wade’s build ups, although at least Wade would have given him some soundtrack and possibly organised some storm clouds and flashes of lightning. Victor remembered the last time Wade bothered to do that, scanning the weather reports for the perfect mood to accompany whatever news he had.

“Is that supposed to scare me?” he asked in amusement.

“No.” the voice was pleasant. “Merely information. What you do with it is your own concern. You are an interesting beast,”

“Thanks,” Victor settled back, his voice a lazy drawl. “Since we’re in the ‘merely information’ stage, you’d be aware that I’m likely to slice you up as soon as we meet, yes?”

“I imagined you’d say something like that, yes. Whether it comes to pass, however,” there was a thoughtful noise. “.. well, I suppose it’s always good to have ambition, yes?”

“Comes to pass?” Victor rolled his eyes and tugged on his bonds again, just in case they were slacking on the job.

“Well, you know what I mean,” there was a little pause. “Comfortable?”

“Am I supposed to be?” Victor drawled.

“No, not really. In fact, the point of the exercise is to make you extremely uncomfortable,” there seemed to be a strange amount of pleasure in this simple sentence. Victor frowned irritably.

“Why?” he asked bluntly. Revenge was all very well, but normally he had the pleasure of attack, murder or rape beforehand.

“Because where you lack your brother’s more advanced healing powers, you do offer a little additional bonus to my base,”

Victor waited, but the cave was silent. He growled again. He hated these types of games, not least because his patience ran out half way through.

“Which is?” he poked. “Lap cat?”

“I fear I do not have anyone yet who has a lap sturdy enough to take you.” The radio crackled again, possibly in amusement. “No, your use comes from your temperament.”

Well, that was novel. Few people needed him for his winning personality; even Stryker focused purely on the claw aspect, unless Victor’s needs clashed with the team’s mission. He remembered a little too well the disdainful expression he had received when he had begun to play with the Summers kid, which normally meant that if he failed to stop he’d end up losing some privilege or other. Victor cocked his head to one side.

“Such as?” he pressed. Whatever this was, it was not the usual employment offer. This base didn’t see mutants as anything other than specimens to play with, although that only became an issue when the specimen jar was labelled with his own name.

“So impatient,”

“I hardly have anything else to think of,” Victor pointed out, moving one powerful forearm and hearing the click as the metal fought against its imprisonment.

“I have no need of you on my team. However, you are still the formidable fighter, one who cannot be taken down lightly and, more the point, require careful handling after the event. You are also extremely devious when left to your own devices, and have no morals to slow you up. All in all, you will be a suitable addition to my tests to improve my team,”

He idly tapped the metal chain with a finger. “So you’re saying,” Victor drawled finally. “You want me here as some sort of obstacle course for your little mutant kiddies?”

“Essentially,” there was a small stretch of silence, which Victor sensed was due to a smile rather than hesitation. “Of course, you’ll be in a different mood when you’re released upon them,”

“Different mood?” Victor repeated in a bored voice. That was the trouble with base leaders. Give them a uniform and a swivelly chair and they thought they were constantly in some type of performance. “I can get pissed off pretty easily,”

“Anger is useful, I’ll give you that, but not quite far enough, hmm?” the radio crackled, as though it was chuckling to its own words. Victor’s head rose slightly, his eyes narrowing.


“So.” The radio crackled again. “Did you not wonder where your little colleague had ended up?”

“Not really,” Victor replied, only half lying. Where LeBeau had ended up was really none of his business; it was only the few motivational factors which made him slightly interesting.

“We found that he failed to be useful in a team sense-,”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” he grunted back.

“- so we decided that his calling in life would be to enhance your properties,” the radio added smoothly. Victor raised an eyebrow.

“What fun. And how,” he readjusted his legs. “are you planning to do that?”

“What, and ruin the surprise?” the radio gave another crackling laugh. Victor rolled his eyes and settled back against the wall, not bothering to comment. He’d find out soon enough, and at least he could keep an eye on what Gambit was doing, whether that was of Gambit’s choosing or no.

Whatever the kid was destined for, Victor had a sneaking suspicion that Logan was not going to be happy with it.


Persistence. An art form in itself. The ability to continue on and on about the same topic, the same subject, hell, even the same word until everyone had surrendered to your whims. Sometimes Logan found it worthy of mention, normally when he met up with one individual who had made it their life’s ambition to achieve X and who finally gained their rewards. Sometimes, like tonight, he found it more than a little irritating.

It was of no surprise that Wade was good at persistence. The man seemed geared up toward the ‘I want I want I want’ kiddie method of pester power, and with the addition of teleportation he couldn’t even have a nice clip round the back of the head to get him to quit it. However, childish banter wasn’t the only thing that he was good at. Sneakiness was also high up on the list, and then, of course, there were the physical talents that Logan had preferred to ignore and Victor had preferred to cultivate.

That was, of course, until he had woken up with his head in a mess and his body in a sweat and his cock buried deeply in the warm, wet cavern that was Wade’s mouth. For a little while he did nothing. Practically speaking, there were few reactions he could choose from that didn’t involve the word ‘rahh’ in it somewhere, either anger, shock or surprise, and he was just so goddamn tired of constantly leaping.

And there was another nagging note in his mind that pointed out the fact that Wade was pretty damned good at what he was trying out, and it was keeping his mind occupied. Logan gritted his teeth but couldn’t quite stop a tremble from running down his spine and into the muscles of his legs as Wade’s tongue swirled over the head of his cock.

Their eyes met. Wade didn’t have a flicker of fear or anticipation or even caution, simply watching him in the slightly ‘oh, what’s on TV’ way the man did whenever he was doing something and fuck what the rest of the universe was doing at the time. The tip of Wade’s tongue flickered under the sensitive rim, his eyes blazing amusement for a moment before Wade went back to work.

“You’re dead,” Logan growled, but it was the soft, burning growl of someone who wasn’t planning to get up any time soon and Wade understandably ignored him entirely. One hand curled round the base of Logan’s penis tightly, hard enough to cause a pleasure-pain pressure deep within him, but that whole sensation was lost as Wade tipped his head slightly and god near swallowed him whole.

Logan’s eyes flickered closed, his breath caught in his throat and his hands curling helplessly in the bedding. Yeah, the man was dead when this was over, flayed alive, stuck to a wall and ripped into shreds and then he’d wait for him to reform and then do it all over again-

“.. fuck..!” the snarl wasn’t even supposed to be vocalised but there was a hell of a lot of things that just weren’t working as they should be as Wade began to slowly pick up speed, Logan essentially fucking his throat, and that was just plain disturbing on so many levels. On the plus side it was guaranteeing silence unless Wade had also worked out how to speak through his ears.

He tried to think of someone else. Remy. Victor. Random person off the street, and he’d had a few of those in his time, more than he could count. And yet there was absolutely no getting away from the musk of Wade above him, and half of him traitorously didn’t want to. Wade was Wade, but Wade was also his last link to his brother, and through Wade’s habits came things he had clearly learned from Victor; the way he hummed a particular tune that Victor liked to boost the vibrations. The way that Wade’s hand raked nails down Logan’s inner thigh, causing a light snarl and a dazzling series of tickling pleasures to add to the throbbing. The way that Wade got on with business without bothering to look at the expression of the man he was swallowing.

And yeah, business was getting concluded at a rapid rate. Logan’s hand clenched in the mattress again, feeling the rip under his fingers, but hell, he didn’t care. For a moment, just for a moment, he could feel a tension build in him that he actually had a chance of concluding, and on top of that tension added the tension from the day in some strange piggy-back of responsibility. Getting ambushed. Allowing the others to get caught. Being tricked. Getting their asses handed to them on a plate, and fuck it was all he could do not to turn Wade over and simply fuck his mouth until the man stopped moving…

Logan grunted and shook himself mentally. Okay, probably a little extreme there.

“You wanna fuck me?” Wade’s voice came out of the darkness, the other man’s eyes gleaming in the dark as he withdrew a little further to be able to speak. Logan scowled at him. “’Cause you can, you know. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, blah blah blah, and hell, I can take a lot. Apart from peas. Not in the mood for peas. But everything else, cool,”

Logan struggled to regain control over his heartbeat, his trembling, needy body, and found his willpower wanting. He snarled and grabbed hold of Wade’s throat once more, sitting up and yanking the man towards him so fast that Wade crashed on top of him.

“I didn’t ask for this,” he snarled at the eyes inches away.

“True. I just kinda anticipated your needs,” Wade replied mildly, then squirmed to get into a better position. “And if you’re not planning to take me up on it, then sitting on your lap is probably a real bad idea,”

Logan snarled harder, his fingers tightening. Wade grunted softly, but managed a breathless chuckle before readjusting his position. He wasn’t surprised the other man was already naked, and if he admitted it to himself he also wasn’t surprised that Wade had also taken the time to strip Logan of his irritating shield of clothing. His fingers curled around Wade’s throat a little more, knowing the man could easily teleport out and yet Wade remained, watching him, treating the strangulation as though it was nothing more irritating than a flea bite. The firm warmth of Wade’s backside nudged against Logan’s hardened cock, a delicate tease that demanded reaction.

“C’mon, Logie.” Wade’s voice had a rasp to it, the restricted airway struggling with the power of speech. “Vicky would, you know that. You aren’t gonna be much good if you’re popping through frustration, right? Gotta do something to make you focus,”

“And you’ll make me focus?” Logan snorted softly, dismissively.

“What can I say, I like helping my community,” Wade’s eyes looked almost dark in the light, his half smile flashing. “And, let’s face it, we both know you’re gonna do it. You turn a different colour if you’re all upset, which means you’re thinking about things. And that means..,”

Wade shifted his body again, deliberately pressing harder against Logan’s belly and sending stabbing flashes of painful lust deep into him. One of Wade’s hands raked nails down Logan’s furred chest, tweaking his nipple cheekily, before sliding down and gripping hold of the base of Logan’s penis. Their eyes met again, a silent conversation occurring between them, before Logan reluctantly loosened his grip and Wade slowly moved his body over him.

“Right, then. Let’s get some fireworks going on,” a little wink aimed itself at him, and then suddenly it didn’t matter what Wade’s mouth was doing as Logan felt himself slowly enter into the tight warmth of Wade’s body with so little fuss it was easy to see what brought Victor back over and over again. Logan’s hand curled into the mattress again as Wade squeezed, a calm smirk on his face and his eyes displaying the strain and control that the man was actually commanding to give such a performance.

There was even silence. Fuck, had he known that he would have done it several hours earlier. And for a moment, just for a moment, as Wade’s tight channel held him and his body slowly responded to the pleasure and release on offer, Logan forgot who he was supposed to be strangling.

Everyone needed a break once in a while. And tomorrow it would be someone’s neck. Logan vowed it.


Date: 2010-07-05 10:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're back in action *___*
Welcome back, I missed this story *___*
/me sends love

*starts reading*

Date: 2010-07-05 10:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aww, thanks! (and so sorry it's been ages!) - although I'd recommend reading it first, I'm not sure how it's turned out *shuffle*

Well, other than Wade, but he always seems to write himself! Bless him ^^

Date: 2010-07-05 11:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think it's ok! I like it ^_^
Now I'm *really* curious about what they want to do to my poor and beloved psychopath Vicky Victor!

Date: 2010-07-05 12:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
So glad this story is back!

Wade is amazing. I love the 'taming of the mew'. Also love both Logan's tenaciousness and the inner conflict about fucking Wade. And Victor being Victor, of course!

Poor Logan. He needs his Cajun back for happy fun times.
.... Eventually. *evil grin*

Date: 2010-07-05 03:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*shuffles* so sorry it's taken so long, but I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

I think Wade's just going to be one of those characters for whom the very aspect of writing him raises the spirits :D - who else could get away with such randomness and sharp pointy things?

Date: 2010-07-05 05:54 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
omg you're back (to this fandom)!
this story is back!
To hell with studying, I'm gonna read this now!

Date: 2010-07-07 03:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Eek! No, go back to studying! Not sure the "but porn distracted me!" excuse works too well! ;)

But hope you enjoyed it ;)

Date: 2010-07-05 07:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Very glad to see an update with this story. I absolutely love it, I don't know how many times I've read the other chapters. By now I can probably give you a basic summary to most if not all the chapters XD

I like the inner conflict of Logan, it's very true to character though wasn't portrayed too much in the movies which is unfortunate. And his interaction with Wade (you gotta love Wade, it's too hard to actually hate the guy).

And Victor, my gosh, I hope nothing bad happens to him despite the fact that he's the worse person to run into (in any situation).

Hopefully you can update soon. (no rush though, you can't rush a good thing)

Date: 2010-07-07 03:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heh, I might have to come to you for consistency checks! I always get a little worried later chapters start contradicting stuff at the start.. O.o

Thanks very much for all! I'm glad the inner conflicts for Logan are coming across okay, it seems to be a fine line to balance between too indifferent and too emotional - but of course if it gets too indifferent it starts turning into a bit of a Hollywood beat em up in itself. Tricky, grumpy mutants, very tricky..!

Ah, Victor.. *innocent look* Although there might be quite a clash between the bad guys and getting Victor to do what they want, cats are terrible when it comes to doing what you want them to do :D

I'll try to update as soon as I can, sorry for all the waiting! *shuffle*

Date: 2010-07-07 10:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I doubt there would be anything that isn't consistant with everything else in your fanfic. It's a masterpiece after all. (why couldn't the movie happen this way!?)

Ya, Logan is rather difficult. I have more trouble with him then I do with Victor lol.

Heh, you're absolutely right about cats. Which I should know, I have a cat that should be resting due to her being under the weather and yet she doesn't stop moving.

And I hope that means that Victor will give them a lot of trouble, even when they don't realize he's giving them trouble XD they deserve it and who better then Victor.

And don't worry about updating a.s.a.p because you have a lot of faithful readers who is more then willing to wait.

Date: 2010-07-06 12:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
YAY! So happy to see more of this! Wade, as always, made me snort and laugh out loud many times. Hope the muses stay with you, luv. Wonderful update!

Date: 2010-07-07 03:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks very much! Wade's always such a pleasure to write, although I have to admit I re-read it again and then had to wonder what on earth I'd been drinking when I got to the "dildo of delight" :D

Date: 2010-07-06 12:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So happy to see a new chapter! well written as usual, I love all the random humor.
I think I've said this before but, you've created a villian I can really hate! Its at that point in the story where it seems like everything will go wrong again and by the time they rescue Victor and Remy they'll be so messed up it cant possibly have a happy ending. This bad guy gives me a mind of doom, he seems too smart to have overlooked anything but I still have hope that he has.

Nice work, cant wait for the next installment :)

Date: 2010-07-07 03:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heh heh, I think "random humour" is probably a good description of my writing full stop :D

Awww! Don't fret too much! If it helps.. which it might not, but who knows! .. at least you know that 3 out of 4 of them are pretty indestructible. And Victors always more cunning than anyone gives him credit for *rubs hands together*

Date: 2010-11-10 03:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've been enjoying this fic and look forward to seeing if Logan and Wade can get Creed and Remy out of the base. :)

Date: 2010-12-02 11:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Is there any more of this yet? Well written :)

Date: 2011-10-11 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oh noes! is this really all there is?! i certainly hope not :( cause i would be awfully sad. you write Wade in such a way that i hear his voice in my head when i read :)

Date: 2012-04-23 03:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I hope that you will consider continuing this fic one day, or maybe provide a summary of how it was supposed to end. :)


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